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Education is the Biggest Tool Anyone can have in combating Any Disease. 

By Educating Our Clients about Dentistry and various topics in Dentistry, We as a Dental Clinic are more effective in providing You a Healthy Oral Cavity. 

This page will have information and knowledge about how to achieve or maintain a Healthy Oral Cavity. We request You to kindly go through this page and if You have any doubts do not hesitate to Contact Us

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Frequently Asked Questions @ Sunfill Dental Clinic!

Cosmetic Dentistry

What do You mean when You say Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry is a specialised branch of dentistry that deals with a person's oral cosmetics, i.e. with the clients look. That does not mean it compromises function of the teeth as that is the most important aspect of the teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry uses various branches of dentistry to achieve an optimal cosmetic appearence for the client that has optimal function and good aesthetics.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Expensive?

Cosmetic Dentistry is just a combination of various branches of dentistry. hence, there is no difference in cost compared to normal dentistry. We at Sunfill Dental Clinic make treatment plans for you based on many factors out of which one is Your budget. We will always provide You with an optimal cosmetic appearence on Your budget.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry painful?

Depending on the procedure being undertaken, We provide Our clients with complete relief before tretment. We do not give injections before every treatment, We only give injections when absolutely necessary. Our Clinic uses LASER Technology whever possible to accelrate healing times.

Orthodontics / Braces

I have crooked teeth, do I need braces?

Crooked teeth cause eating difficulties & a bad look. The most optimal way to treat this is by using orthodontics. Orthodontics uses braces to move teeth into their correct position over a period of time. There are many types of braces. Our clinic provides almost all the different types of orthodontic treatments.

I am an adult now, can i still get braces?

There is a common misconception that Orthodontics/ braces can only be done in children. An orthodontic treatment can be undertaken at any age. The appointments are made according to Your schedule. It is never to late to correct Your teeth.

I want to get braces but wont they look ugly?

There are many types of aesthetic braces treatmetns available for Clients who want to get a better looking option in braces. We provide everything from regular etal braces to invisalgn™. Nothing is worse than a smile which You yourself are not confident about.

Are is orthodontic treatment expensive?

We at Sunfill Dental Clinic always take your budget into consideration before making a treatment plan for you. This way you can be assured that We will always provide You with a treatment that is within Your budget. Wanting good teeth should not empty your wallet.

My child's teeth are crooked, by what age can he/she get braces?

The age advised by Sunfill Dental Clinic for braces treatment is between 11-12 years. This is different for different children, due to changes in growth. It is advised to get a check-up and a treatment plan before deciding anything for Your children.

Tooth Pain

My tooth pains on eating something sweet, what do i do?

Upon any kind of tooth pain, we advise an immediate dental check-up. If there is a sharp pain in the tooth when eating something sweet that means unfortunately you have dental decay. We advise an immediate dental appointment to get the decay cleaned and the tooth treated.

I have very bad tooth pain, is there any medicine i can take to rid the pain?

Unfortunately, tooth pain is something that happens only when the tooth is not feeling well. Medication is something that provides only a temporary relief from the pain. Treatment of the cause of the pain is advised whenever possible. Never self medicate unless You have spoken with your dental doctor.


My mouth smells, what do I do?

Halitosis or bad breath can be a very embarrasing situation for anyone. It happens due to not maintaing proper oral hygiene. We provide instant treatment for halitosis, where in the treatment we also provide a consultation on maintainence of oral hygiene.



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